School Meals

Dinner money payments can be made at

Hot Lunches

A menu showing the choices is available in school and is regularly updated on the website with the seasonal changes. Baked potato with salad are always available as an alternative each day. All choices must be ordered by 9:30am on the day required. The cost of a school dinner is currently £2.20. This includes water to drink or milk if it is on the menu. Other drinks (fruit juice, milk, or milk shake) are available, but your child will need to bring additional money for these and pay the canteen directly on the day it is required (these range in cost from 20p to 40p).

All payments for dinners must be made online and in advance of the meals being ordered.  No cash or cheques will be accepted.


thumbnail of Firside 4 weekly Menu Jan 2020

Packed Lunches

Our Packed Lunch Policy was written in consultation with parents and all pupils and is based on the DFE standards for school food. Our aim is to encourage anyone bringing their own lunch to school to eat as healthily as possible. image002So, what would be an ideal packed lunch? There should be:

  • A main item based on starchy carbohydrate e.g. different types of bread, pasta, potato, rice or couscous
  • At least one portion of fruit and vegetables. These could be separate items or in the sandwich or a salad.
  • Some kind of protein: meat, fish, egg or vegetarian equivalent
  • A drink - preferably water, fruit juice or milk

Also there could be:

  • A diary product - small cheese portion, milk or yoghurt
  • Something sweet to finish with e.g. muffins, malt loaf, flapjacks etc

We encourage a wide variety of foods over the course of a week. We actively discourage:

  • Savoury snacks (crisps, etc)
  • confectionery (chocolate bars and sweets)
  • fizzy and sugary drinks

Morning Breaks

We encourage children to bring a piece of fruit to eat during the morning break and there is also the opportunity to buy snacks from the school kitchen at break time ie. fruit, flapjack, etc. Snacks cost around 50p.