Classroom Teacher Required

General Provisions:

  • to carry out the duties of a class teacher as set out in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions of Employment;
  • to incorporate key requirements of the National Workload Agreement in accordance with the provision of appropriate funding levels;
  • to be responsible to the Headteacher, or in his absence, the Deputy Headteacher;
  • to teach within the age-range 8 -12.

The particular duties assigned to this post are set out below. These may be reviewed and amended in consultation with the post holder in the light of any changes / priorities identified within the school

Class Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Plan, prepare and organise work for the class in accordance with school policies; and requirements of core and foundation subjects of the National Curriculum;
  • Deliver lessons planned whilst also taking account of the role of assessment for learning
  • Create and maintain an environment and a code of behaviour in accordance with the school behaviour policy and in which children feel safe and confident
  • Use a variety of teaching and learning styles to keep all pupils engaged
  • Be familiar with the Code of Practice and identification, assessment and support of pupils with special educational needs
  • Ensure that improvements in English and Maths are targeted and that children are involved in the target-setting process
  • Address the individual needs of the children in teaching, taking account of the need for differentiation and by liaising with support staff
  • Ensure that children have a clear idea of what is expected and understand what they are aiming for
  • Ensure effective teaching of whole classes, groups and individuals, establishing high expectations of behaviour and attainment so that teaching objectives are met

Monitoring, assessment, recording, reporting and accountability

  • Apply the principles of assessment for learning in the classroom
  • Mark and monitor classwork and homework, providing constructive feedback and setting targets for future progress
  • Monitor, review and assess children’s progress in accordance with national requirements and maintain pupil and class records according to school policy;
  • Assess and record each pupils’ progress systematically according to school policy and use to analyse and inform future planning
  • Provide and contribute to oral and written assessments and reports relating to individual pupils and groups of pupils;
  • Provide reports on individual progress to the headteacher and parents as required

Other professional requirements

  • Maintain good order and discipline among the children and to be responsible for their day to day pastoral care in the classroom;
  • Contribute to the general supervision of all children within the school;
  • Liaise with parents on a day to day basis and participate in organised consultation meetings;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with professional colleagues and parents
  • Participate as required in meetings with professional colleagues and parents in respect of the duties and responsibilities of the post
  • Evaluate your own teaching and engage in the performance management cycle in order to improve effectiveness
  • Be aware of the need to take responsibility for your own professional development.

Subject Leadership

  • to be able to offer special interest and expertise in the teaching of a subject
  • to have oversight of a subject and thereafter, to support its review, evaluation and implementation;
  • to assist subject leaders in evaluation, review and devising subject policy guidelines;
  • Assist in the organisation and review of teaching resources, equipment and materials
  • Be aware of developments in the subject areas, attend appropriate Inset and keep abreast of teaching methodology and approaches in Literacy;
  • Offer support and advice to all members of staff as appropriate;

Consult regularly with the Headteacher and other curriculum leaders.