Tuition tonight

Y6 tuition tonight, collection at 4:30pm from the quad doors.

Bike security

Please could we ask that you are vigilant with the security of storing your children’s bikes and scooters at school and in and around Hellesdon. Where possible please use padlocks and store all items in the bike sheds at the side of school.

Rock Notes Pink Song

Mrs Dance has asked the children to learn the Pink song ‘Perfect’. Please could we ask for you to assist your child in finding the censored version. We are aware that there is an explicit version and would like to safeguard the children from gaining access to this.

Many thanks for your support with this matter.

Disco online payments close at 9am

Just a reminder that the online disco booking closes at 9am tomorrow, Tuesday 19 March!

This is the only way children are able to come to the disco this year so please ensure your child is booked on to save disappointment next week!

£3 for disco only

£5 for disco and meal

Year 6 football

The year 6 boys were involved in a league match against St. William’s Primary this afternoon. They earned a hard fought 2-1 victory after trailing 1-0 at half-time. Their final league game of the season will be played next week and there is also a cup semi-final to look forward to.

Mother’s Day

Final reminder, last chance to pay for your Mother’s Day gifts this weekend!!

Bake sale after school

Thank you all for your lovely, generous donations of cakes and goodies today. We have had a great day so far and will be continuing the sale on the playground at the end of the day. Please bring your pennies!