Year 4 homework 15.3.2019

Homework this week is Maths on factors. This is due in on Thursday 21st  March. My Maths has been set on addition. This needs to be completed by Friday 22nd March. All children are expected to complete the My Maths task every week. Please make sure they go back and complete any overdue pieces.

Spellings this week are: circle, medicine, special, decimal, city, decide, exercise, cinema, accident, citizen.


Year 6 homework: 15. 3. 19

Maths: Mr Coe and Miss Ribbands CGP page 12 (decimals) and page 34 (adding and subtracting fractions)

Mrs Turner  CGP pages 58, 59 and 60 (Time)

Mrs McCash CGP pages 61 and 62 (perimeter)

MyMaths online homework for everyone

Grammar: CGP pages 6 and 7 (pronouns)

Spellings: words with ui, ue or ua in them

Homework to be handed in by Wednesday, 20th March.

Year 5 Spellings 13.03.19

Year 5 spellings due to be tested week of 18.03.19:

Convert nouns or adjectives into verbs using suffix -ate

  1. pollinate
  2. captivate
  3. activate
  4. motivate
  5. communicate
  6. medicate
  7. elasticate
  8. hyphenate
  9. alienate
  10. validate

Year 3 Spellings 11.03.19

This week we would like the children to look at commonly used and often confused homophones.









Year 4 homework 8.3.2019

Year 4 homework this week is pages 14 and 15 in the Grammar book (Revision)

Mymaths has been set on decimals. Please make sure this is completed by next Friday. Several children have not completed previous weeks mymaths. Could you please have a look at any activities your child has overdue and find some time over the next few weeks to complete them. If you experience any problems accessing Mymaths, please let us know as the children have opportunities to complete it in school if they can’t do it at home.

Spellings this week are: centre, century, certain, recent, experience, sentence, notice, celebrate, ceremony, certificate


Year 5 Spellings 07.03.19

Term 2B Week 2

Words with an /or/ sound spelt “au”

  1. pause
  2. cause
  3. sauce
  4. fraud
  5. launch
  6. author
  7. August
  8. applaud
  9. astronaut
  10. restaurant

Due for a test the week of: 11.03.19

Year 6 homework 8. 3. 19

Maths: Mr Coe and Miss Ribbands CGP page 42 (ratio and proportion) and page 60 (area of triangles).

Mrs Turner and Mrs McCash CGP pages 41 and 42 (using fractions)

MyMaths online homework for everyone

Grammar: CGP page 39 (active and passive voice)

Spellings: qu + vowel in the middle of a word

Homework to be handed in by Wednesday, 13th March.