Year 4 homework 17.5.2019

Year 4 homework this week is Maths – adding and subtracting money. Please make sure children complete these in their Maths book, showing their calculations.

Spellings this week are: exit, extend, explode, excursion, exchange, export, exclaim, expel, external, exterior

Mymaths has been set on subtraction

Y3 Gressenhall trip

Just a polite reminder that the  payment deadline for this trip is tomorrow.


Any problems please contact the school office.


Year 5 Spellings

Adverbs of place

  1. nearby
  2. everywhere
  3. nowhere
  4. inside
  5. downstairs
  6. outside
  7. upstairs
  8. underneath
  9. behind
  10. somewhere

Year 5 Homework

Year 5 Homework Due 22.05.19

  1. CGP Maths p16 & p17
  2. English Green Grammar p24 & p25
  3. MyMaths


Y3 Spellings 13.05.19

This week we would like the children to learn words beginning with a c from that Year 3/4 statutory spellings list…







Year 6 SATs

Next week the year 6 children will sit their national tests (SATs). The year group have worked very hard up to this point and are well prepared. As a result, the year 6 teachers have not set any homework this weekend. We wish the children a restful weekend.

Year 4 homework 10.5.2019

Year 4 homework this week is grammar book page 4 – Extending sentences

Spellings are: autograph, autobiography, automatic, autofocus, autocorrect, autopilot, autopsy, automobile, autonomy, autocue.

Mymaths has been set on times tables